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16th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Medal Photo Album
Boy's Masters Finals (Block 1)
Pos  Bowler/Ctry Flag 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave Total Diff
1 KUEK QI EN 郭其恩1972192222582562792052041840230.001900+27
 SINGAPORE A 新加坡10101010101060
2 ALEX YU 余浩彥2372371922382052612252091804225.501874+1
 HONG KONG A 香港1010101010101070
3 LIM SEONG YUL 任盛律2692672122581942002411921833229.1318730
 KOREA B 韓國1010101040
 Top 3 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
4 AIDAH POH 傅正斌2002262422461812571762211749218.631809-64
 SINGAPORE B 新加坡10101010101060
5 SAYATO TAKAHIRA 高平 沙也斗2252152032172552352291681747218.381807-66
 JAPAN 日本10101010101060
6 JASSEM AL MURAIKHI 阿梅力奇1842352241902442142062351732216.501792-81
 QATAR A 卡塔爾10101010101060
7 IVAN MALIG 美力克2022132142782132082081991735216.881775-98
 PHILIPPINES A 菲律賓1010101040
8 HAZEEM AL MURAIKHI 阿梅力奇1582142001912282362222451694211.751744-129
 QATAR A 卡塔爾101010101050
9 BADER AL DEYAB 阿迪立1841912122102032322242471703212.881743-130
 QATAR B 卡塔爾1010101040
10 KIM JUNG TAE 金鐘泰2102132362322232041692031690211.251700-173
 KOREA A 韓國1010
11 SEO HYO DONG 徐孝董2341811732112152272012171659207.381679-194
 KOREA A 韓國101020
12 ABDULSALAM ALSAQER 阿沙卡1731922441911841932462021625203.131645-228
 KUWAIT A 科威特101020
13 KILL JUN SEONG 吉準盛2402132111591632161852071594199.251624-249
 KOREA A 韓國10101030
14 GHANIM ABOUJASSOUM 阿布贊森2212082011732082291601921592199.001622-251
 QATAR A 卡塔爾10101030
15 JARRED LIM 林家樂2041922351672351721502011556194.501586-287
 SINGAPORE B 新加坡10101030
16 REN SAMESHIMA 鮫島 蓮1832371611592052022031961546193.251566-307
 JAPAN 日本101020
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