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18th Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Medal Photo Album
Boy's Masters (Block 2 - Medium Oil)  
Pos  Bowler/Country Flag B/F 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Score Ave Total Dif
1 MUHD RAFIQ ISMAIL 依士曼18792262482562472221972472161859233.633873+85
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞55101010101010101080
2 ENZO HERNANDEZ 夏因力高19082242652061992302172482151804232.003832+44
 PHILIPPINES 菲律賓501010101010101070
3 BILLY M ISLAM 伊士林19422232122372172051842562221756231.1337880
 INDONESIA 印尼6010101030
 Top 3 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
4 SEO HYO DONG 徐效東19942172121981951972262101721627226.313701-87
 KOREA 韓國60101020
5 ADAM SVENSSON 史雲信19012292332112102382021791941696224.813677-111
 AUSTRALIA 澳洲5010101030
6 QALIF ADNOR ADAM 阿當18581802342362151992112011811657219.693615-173
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞50101010101050
7 JOEL TAN 陳永安17572562792052022032152052141779221.003606-182
 SINGAPORE 新加坡4010101030
8 CHOI HYUNG JIN 崔炯珍17411932262062232472232161831717216.133538-250
 KOREA 韓國30101010101050
9 MICHAEL MURRAY 梅利18102172472001522151761922251624214.633529-259
 AUSTRALIA 澳洲60105101035
10 JAVIER TAN 陳俊權17421912052002062462242032111686214.253508-280
 SINGAPORE 新加坡251010510101055
11 MUHAMMAD JARIS GOH 吳加利17471861952452261972121862141661213.003483-305
 SINGAPORE 新加坡25101010101050
12 KIM HEE JIN 金熙振18571791861661731642451872071507210.253454-334
 KOREA 韓國70101020
13 SAYATO TAKAHIRA 高平沙也斗16662372181651572141842471861608204.633354-434
 JAPAN 日本2010101010101060
14 IVAN MALIG 馬力16851932341491521622112672131581204.133321-467
 PHILIPPINES 菲律賓2510101030
15 HAYATO HIJIKATA 土方捷16172661782142301582012131761636203.313283-505
 JAPAN 日本10101020
16 ABDULRAHMAN A K 艾喜尼域15561602152102061921392161881526192.633102-686
 SAUDI ARABIA 沙特阿拉伯101010

Note: Averages are based on scratch pinfalls excluding bonus.
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