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18th Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Medal Photo Album
Girl's Masters (Block 1 - Long Oil)  
Pos  Bowler/Country Flag 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Total Ave Dif
1 EMILY RIGNEY 麗妮21622522424422719923521717871847223.38+51
 AUSTRALIA 澳洲10101010101060
2 NATASHA ROSLAN 盧絲蘭24715022420824723422120717381798217.25+2
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞10101010101060
3 LEE YEONG SEUNG 李映昇22024619121319322621523217361796217.000
 KOREA 韓國10101010101060
4 FUTABA IMAI 今井双葉23227720420220421718818717111771213.88-25
 JAPAN 日本10101010101060
5 NORA LYANA NATASIA 洛卡巫21219221217918924223523616971737212.13-59
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞1010101040
6 NUR AMIRAH A A 阿斯文18216923621418023617329016801720210.00-76
 MALAYSIA 馬來西亞1010101040
7 BYUN SUN MIN 卞善民24720120519924719020017016591689207.38-107
 KOREA 韓國10101030
8 CHARLENE LIM 林佳頤20319220119919522320322216381678204.75-118
 SINGAPORE 新加坡1010101040
9 ALISHA NABILA 娜拉莎蒂19425218120421718319119316151655201.88-141
 INDONESIA 印尼1010101040
10 MANAE KAMESHIMA 亀島愛永21023715922920318222716716141654201.75-142
 JAPAN 日本1010101040
11 NADIA PRAMANIK 盧拉瑪蓮娜18623121917820417418525416311651203.88-145
 INDONESIA 印尼101020
12 ALDILA INDRYATI 燕達阿蒂15818124521520514523521015941644199.25-152
 INDONESIA 印尼101010101050
13 ILIYA SYAMIM 巫哈黙19416820120518820224420116031643200.38-153
 SINGAPORE 新加坡1010101040
14 JOY YAP 葉菁穎20822417318418020219520715731593196.63-203
 SINGAPORE 新加坡101020
15 MITSUKI OKAMOTO 岡本美月18717918418121420419417115141544189.25-252
 JAPAN 日本10101030
16 SEIKA FUJIWARA 藤原聖佳15721216816920117716717714281438178.50-358
 JAPAN 日本1010

Note: Averages are based on scratch pinfalls excluding bonus.
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