47th Hong Kong International Open Bowling Championships
Macau national takes early lead
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2nd July, Hong Kong, China: Macau national bowler, Zoe Dias Ma took the early lead of the Men's Open Masters qualifying table of the 47th Hong Kong International Open Bowling Championships underway at SCAA Bowling Center while Kang Hye Rim of KNSU led the Women's Open division.

Dias Ma led the standings with 1514 (800 and 714) followed by newly-crowned Macao China International Open champion, Lei Hok Hin in second with 1485. Debutant, Jang Tae Joon of Korean National Sports University (KNSU) finished third with 1478.

In the local pool, Lau Kwun Ho of Hong Kong, China amassed a 6-games aggregate with 812 and 754 3-games series to go top of the overall standings with 1566. His team-mate, Keith Mark totaled 1546 (794 and 752). Ivan Tse took third spot with 1499 (775 and 724). The top three qualifiers in the local pool will earn a bye and automatically advance to the Stage II Men's Open Masters finals.

The top three qualifiers of the overseas pool will also earn a bye and automatically advance to Stage II finals scheduled for July 6. Ex-international, Ernest Kwok of Hong Kong, China headed the Mixed pool with 1435 while the cut in tenth position went to Kwan Tsz Kam of Hong Kong with 1358.

Zoe Dias Ma topping the Men's Open overseas qualifying pool

2023 Macao China Open champion, Kang Hye Rim of KNSU topped the overseas pool of the Women's Open qualifying standings with 1447. Kang, who finished as first runner-up two days ago at this year's Macao China Open took over the lead from early leader, Veronica De Souza of Macau in second with 1388.

Shinta Ceysaria of Jawa Timur, Indonesia took third spot with 1387. Ex-international, Gigi Leung of Hong Kong topped the local pool with 1328. Overnight leader, Chan Ka Wan settled for second with 1327 while Grace Yip clinched third spot with 1314.

Like the Men's division, the top three local qualifiers and the top three qualifiers from the overseas pool will earn byes and automatically advance to Stage II finals. The 47th Hong Kong International Open uses the current scoring system which accounted for the higher scoring averages.

Qualifying will continue for another two days, July 3 and 4 before the Stage I finals for the Open and Grade A divisions are contested. The Hong Kong Cup and the Youth U15 Masters finals will be staged tomorrow morning at 9.00 am local time.

Leader of the Women's Open overseas pool, Kang Hye Rim

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Photos by Noelle Chong in Hong Kong.

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