2017 World Bowling Championships
Japan retains lead, Denmark goes top
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30th November, Las Vegas: Overnight Squad 2 and overall leader, Japan retained their pole position after ending the second block of the Men's Trios event at the 2017 World Bowling CHampionships while Denmark women took over the lead from Malaysia.

Daisuke Yoshida, Shogo Wada and Shusaku Asato did not get off the second block well with 562 in the fourth game but was able to remain in the lead. Canada's second trio of achery Wilkins, Mitch Hupe and Francois Lavoie moved into second spot, 69 pins adrift.

The Japanese trio did better with 596 in the fifth game but Malaysia's first trio of Adrian Ang, Ahmad Muaz and Timmy Tan downed two superb games of 635 and 655 to leapfrog into second position and reducing the gap to just 29 pins.

The leader ended the block with a sizzling 692 to seal top spot with 3868. Malaysia suffered a major setback knocking down only 494 to drop out of the top four with 3607. Canada shot 631 to regain second position with 3749, 119 pins behind the leader. First trios of Denmark and Germany rounded out the top four with 3720 and 3682 respectively.

Japan retaining pole position after the second block

The lead in the women's division changed hands after Rikke Holm Agerbo, Britt Brondsted and Singles silver medallist, Mai Ginge Jensen rolled 650, 569 and 616 to finish in the lead with 3675. Malaysia's first trio of Natasha Roslan, Syaidatul Afifah and Siti Safiyah did well in the fourth and fifth games but just could not maintain their strong pace to end up second with 3661.

Colombia's Anngie Ramirez, Isabelle Correa and Juliana Franco, who were second overnight, ended with 3661 to tie with the Malaysians. Team USA's second trio of Josie Barnes, SHannon Pluhowsky and Stefanie Johnson had good pace in the fourth and fifth games but faded off in the sixth to round out the top four with 3615.

Squad 3 will begin at 1.00pm local time after lane maintenance while Squad 1 will commence at 4.30pm. The combined scores will determine the top four advancing to the Semi-finals shootout scheduled for December 3.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Britt Brondsted, Rikke Holm and Mai Ginge Jesen taking over the lead

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