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15th Asian School Bowling Championships Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Boy's Doubles (Squad B)
Pos  Bowler/Ctry Flag 1 2 3 4 5 6 Score Ave Total Diff
1 RAFIF IMAM SANTOSO2512452042301712451346224.3329070
 BILLY MUHAMMAD ISLAM2572892472342572771561260.17
 INDONESIA A2508534451464428522 
2 KIL JUN SEONG2022452552122182381370228.332851-56
 SEO HYO DONG1702582472582582901481246.83
 KOREA B2372503502470476528 
3 MERWIN MATHEIU TAN2992612342572012341486247.672770-137
 HEBER H ALQUEZA2582571832351701811284214.00
 PHILIPPINES A2557518417492371415 
4 NAKANO KATSUHITO 2472042132562242051349224.832762-145
 MIYAZAWA TAKUYA2332093002782041891413235.50
 JAPAN 1480413513534428394 
5 ADAM SVENSSON2781732462032422481390231.672761-146
 SEAN BOWLING3001972142122042441371228.50
 AUSTRALIA A2578370460415446492 
6 ATCHARIYA CHENG2352572262452372371437239.502755-152
 SUPAKRIT WANTASUK2302362152681632061318219.67
 THAILAND 2465493441513400443 
7 ADAM SIMS2692182101632152221297216.172712-195
 SAM CURRY2462442582372282021415235.83
 AUSTRALIA B2515462468400443424 
8 MARCUS KIEW JIA WEI2131912792362181671304217.332695-212
 JONOVAN NEO ZE MIN2342562482451952131391231.83
 SINGAPORE B2447447527481413380 
9 PAOLO M HERNANDEZ2421702591762022331282213.672568-339
 FAIRUZ KEVIN RAJENDRA 1952062122202362171286214.33
 INDONESIA B2437376471396438450 
10 ISAAC NG KIN MENG1962372101961812231243207.172542-365
 TIMOTHY THAM2432022332232101881299216.50
 SINGAPORE A2439439443419391411 
11 HWANG JAE SEONG2462122312222162431370228.332536-371
 SON CHUNG HYEON1952291761702271691166194.33
 KOREA A2441441407392443412 
12 AHMAD HAJIZI HAJI BAKAR2212222391812222471332222.002531-376
 AK MOHD ARDHI PG OMAR ALI2272152401781661731199199.83
 BRUNEI 2448437479359388420 
13 TSE CHUN HIN2192052221551522371190198.332434-473
 WONG KWAN YUEN2142102242271672021244207.33
 HONG KONG 2433415446382319439 
14 ALI AL SALEH2311682072021872221217202.832416-491
 ABDULLSALAM DARWISH1952481731982041811199199.83
 KUWAIT A2426416380400391403 
15 GEFPHIL JOHN BUYCO 2322042252592042051329221.502390-517
 DIONISIO RAMON DIOKNO IV1601691841461972051061176.83
 PHILIPPINES B2392373409405401410 
16 CHIU HOU LEONG2451781571721912031146191.002326-581
 HO CHI CHONG2001932012031722111180196.67
 MACAU 2445371358375363414 
17 YOUSEF AL HOUTI1681852001871721671079179.832101-806
 FAWAZ ALBASAIRI1471832151541941291022170.33
 KUWAIT B2315368415341366296 
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