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15th Asian School Bowling Championships Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Girl's Doubles (Squad A)
Pos  Bowler/Ctry Flag 1 2 3 4 5 6 Score Ave Total Diff
1 JOY YAP JING YING2792442272222352571464244.0029750
 AMANDA LEE FANG LIN2562382442772422541511251.83
 SINGAPORE A1535482471499477511 
2 CHARMAINE CHANG1862422582162341781314219.002765-210
 MUHD AZNI ILIYA SYAMIM2682681992472532161451241.83
 SINGAPORE B1454510457463487394 
3 SHINTA CEYSARIA2231922152262681841308218.002667-308
 NADIA PRAMANIK2682132221982382201359226.50
 INDONESIA A1491405437424506404 
4 JANG HA EUN2262062392181922361317219.502646-329
 KIM DONG YO2601992791972361581329221.50
 KOREA B1486405518415428394 
5 KATEY FURZE1852782562182572091403233.832607-368
 TIANA WHALAN-JACKSON2151912061991702231204200.67
 AUSTRALIA A1400469462417427432 
6 IZUMINE SHION2362142172362002261329221.502590-385
 YOSHIDA MANA 2232032181582162431261210.17
 JAPAN 2459417435394416469 
7 KIM SU KYUNG2322342351921882361317219.502564-411
 CHOI BO MI1522022122212462141247207.83
 KOREA A1384436447413434450 
8 RACHEL MANSKIE1491891842471831681120186.672341-634
 EMILY CROSS1771862222122371871221203.50
 AUSTRALIA B1326375406459420355 
9 KINANTI QURNIA WIADHA1791911701591521791030171.672315-660
 DRASETYA AMALIA DJOKO2211782362131742631285214.17
 INDONESIA B1400369406372326442 
10 BEA KATRINA HERNANDEZ1492241902002111791153192.172312-663
 XYRRA PATRIZE CABUSAS2241782021592141821159193.17
 PHILIPPINES A1373402392359425361 
11 ANNE BERNADETTE AGU2051932041661911661125187.502252-723
 ANGELA JASMINE LAZO1931591952072251481127187.83
 PHILIPPINES B1398352399373416314 
12 IAN UN LAM 1561661381581802101008168.002002-973
 LAM CHIN WAI145200157176167149994165.67
 MACAU 1301366295334347359 
13 FATIN ADILAH MAHADI1461711701802452001112185.331991-984
 NURIN IZZATI SUPRY164131136148157143879146.50
 BRUNEI 1310302306328402343 
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