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13th World Youth Bowling Championships Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Medal Album
Girl's Team Block 2 (Squad B - Short Oil)
Pos  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 Score Ave Total Diff
1 ANDREANNE BLOUIN1671861781761911911089181.5043230
 BRITTNEY TURCOTTE1611581541922071691041173.50
 BRITTANY CRAWFORD183182159159151136970161.67
 MIRANDA PANAS2251792341501892461223203.83
2 MICHELLE OGRISECK1651942001881911921130188.334279-44
 LEA DEGENHARDT1581811481481811941010168.33
 MAXIME DE ROOIJ1791691662061381521010168.33
 LAURA BEUTHNER1721832371801621951129188.17
3 TANIA YUSAF1871711941662282021148191.334224-99
 ALISON WILLIAMSON1971592321501531801071178.50
 NAOMI LAWSON2141601551401901791038173.00
 LAURA MURPHY180169147195142134967161.17
4 GIGI LEUNG170167152139172188988164.674193-130
 VICTORIA CHAN1571522041821581901043173.83
 CHLOE LEE1301911931881801701052175.33
 JOAN CHENG1871941761951861721110185.00
 HONG KONG644704725704696720
5 LIN SHI-HAN1931651791781571821054175.674109-214
 WANG HSIAO-CHIEN140171151105173206946157.67
 CHEN YI-AN1621731911961451891056176.00
 WANG YU-HUEI2071951821421581691053175.50
 CHINESE TAIPEI702704703621633746
6 VERONICA DIAS DE SOUZA1881871671371471881014169.004076-247
 CHE WENG SI156140165200148169978163.00
 AU MAN WAI187146146147158156940156.67
 HUI TONG1372471822142181461144190.67
7 WANG XINLIN164159157148158155941156.833845-478
 LIAO XIAOMEI232163134114145122910151.67
 YUAN YUE134160136141116180867144.50
 PENG RUI2141911762221741501127187.83
8 LYNNE FISHLERISR190181147137172137964160.670-4323
 REINA SMIKARSTALAT123147159109177169884147.33
 JULIA JANUSZEWSKAPOL1551801681841462131046174.33
 LAURA PIROSROU1921471451991671661016169.33
 MAKEUP TEAM660655619629662685
9 KLARA NEFOVACZE186148159143143163942157.000-4323
 IVANA PADAROVACZE2271691841921481731093182.17
 LINE ALMESTRANDNOR2141621631921952141140190.00
 ANDREA HANSENNOR180172183157151149992165.33
 MAKEUP TEAM807651689684637699
10 DARIA KOVALOVAUKR2091811982112382431280213.330-4323
 OLEKSANDRA YAKUNINAUKR1792001401931711881071178.50
 PACER 1PAC00.00
 PACER 2PAC00.00
 MAKEUP TEAM388381338404409431
11 KRITSANAKORN SANGAROONTHA1741701401681721791003167.170-4323
 KANTAPORN SINGHABUBPHATHA1901821512201781981119186.50
 PACER 7PAC00.00
 PACER 8PAC00.00
 MAKEUP TEAM364352291388350377
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