19th Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships

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Guam Girls Team
Photos: image 2 Of 37 thumb
Japan Girls Team
Photos: image 3 Of 37 thumb
Korea Girls Team
Photos: image 4 Of 37 thumb
Macau Girls Team
Photos: image 5 Of 37 thumb
Malaysia Girls Team
Photos: image 6 Of 37 thumb
Philippines Girls Team
Photos: image 7 Of 37 thumb
Singapore Girls Team
Photos: image 8 Of 37 thumb
C.Taipei Girls Team
Photos: image 9 Of 37 thumb
Girls Makeup Team
Photos: image 10 Of 37 thumb
Girls Pacers
Photos: image 11 Of 37 thumb
Australia Boys Team
Photos: image 12 Of 37 thumb
Bahrain Boys Team
Photos: image 13 Of 37 thumb
Guam Boys Team
Photos: image 14 Of 37 thumb
Hong Kong Boys Team
Photos: image 15 Of 37 thumb
Indonesia Boys Team
Photos: image 16 Of 37 thumb
India Boys Team
Photos: image 17 Of 37 thumb
Japan Boys Team
Photos: image 18 Of 37 thumb
Korea Boys Team
Photos: image 19 Of 37 thumb
Saudi Arabia Boys Team
Photos: image 20 Of 37 thumb
Kuwait Boys Team
Photos: image 21 Of 37 thumb
Macau Boys Team
Photos: image 22 Of 37 thumb
Malaysia Boys Team
Photos: image 23 Of 37 thumb
Philippines Boys Team
Photos: image 24 Of 37 thumb
Singapore Boys Team
Photos: image 25 Of 37 thumb
C.Taipei Boys Team
Photos: image 26 Of 37 thumb
Boys Pacers
Photos: image 27 Of 37 thumb
Team Block 1 Leaders
Photos: image 28 Of 37 thumb
Girls Team Blk1 4th
Photos: image 29 Of 37 thumb
Girls Team Blk1 3rd
Photos: image 30 Of 37 thumb
Girls Team Blk1 2nd
Photos: image 31 Of 37 thumb
Girls Team Blk1 Leader
Photos: image 32 Of 37 thumb
Boys Team Blk1 4th
Photos: image 33 Of 37 thumb
Boys Team Blk1 3rd
Photos: image 34 Of 37 thumb
Boys Team Blk1 2nd
Photos: image 35 Of 37 thumb
Boys Team Blk1 Leader
Photos: image 36 Of 37 thumb
Girls AE Top 3
Photos: image 37 Of 37 thumb
Boys AE Top 3

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.
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