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38th Singapore International Open Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Women's Open 1st Block Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave
1 WANG YU LINGTPE2252672021802102162112131724215.50
2 HUNG SHU CHUNTPE2322371761941732572121951676209.50
3 LIZA CLUTARIOPHI1982431842151731992252131650206.25
4 JENNIFER TANSIN1721762032662252032161831644205.50
5 ONG SHE NASIN1901612222131851852482341638204.75
6 LIZA DEL ROSARIOPHI1922232212112342341521671634204.25
7 TSAI HSIN YITPE1912051791921842202342261631203.88
8 ZANDRA AZIELAMAS2212041861802161881802421617202.13
9 CHU YU CHIEHTPE1812382001982332002231441617202.13
10 ESTHER CHEAHMAS2371921912242032151711831616202.00
11 AMANDA NGSIN1722091892471611902262101604200.50
12 CATHERINE KANGSIN2171721922001631712342391588198.50
13 ALICE TAYSIN1941811692272032411931741582197.75
14 GERALDINE NGSIN1772471622032121792061641550193.75
15 TANG JOH SIXMAS2141991971891801931921811545193.13
16 PUTTY ARMEININA2152012131911651691612211536192.00
17 EVELYN CHANSIN1851671832211682242321531533191.63
18 PAN YU FENTPE1811462371991901672141931527190.88
19 JAZREEL TAN S HSIN1722121802142131821901531516189.50
20 ELAINE FLORENCIOPHI2161871911921881801931601507188.38
21 SHALIN ZULKIFLIMAS2131481752032251721831801499187.38
22 JOJO CANAREPHI1902082012001561772011621495186.88
23 MAI AN NITPE1711851961812001711642011469183.63
24 VANESSA FUNGHKG2132031431721631992091661468183.50
25 CECILIA YAPPHI1881941591491911991861911457182.13
26 PANUMART STHA1552221981721751881621671439179.88
27 WENDY CHAIMAS1591751651812091651671951416177.00
28 RENA TENGSIN1711691931681821841881421397174.63
29 TANNYA RINA1681911761601931301801711369171.13
30 JASMINE Y NATHANSIN1641911751531601561571891345168.13
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