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36th Hong Kong International Open Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Men's Graded B Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Score Ave Dif
1 GLENN IRIAWANINA2211691821761981421892041352372232462322185.100
2 ACHARIYA CHENGTHA1531592332022001881702011752032341972315188.30-7
3 BEN TAM WAI KITHKG1692001961942051672201761891721962292313190.90-9
4 H M SIOMAC2072371911851822211581791601582172132308195.00-14
5 VONG VONG IPMAC1662092151702161571711771702122182132294185.10-28
6 JEREMY FANGSIN1701491861871661781552332131991771712184178.00-138
7 THOMAS NG HLHKG2151641681801431541991711911911911312098174.30-224
8 WORACHATTHA1551332131771381571721821971601872022073165.90-249
9 JOEY CHEUNG CHUNG YINHKG1891361321971862111561871631471701812055205.50-267
10 PAUL WAM CHEUK HUNGHKG1741521421221851941521291802151882032036156.30-286
11 PONG FUNG CHUN PONGHKG1671501571681951611801621471481721881995167.50-327
12 INACIO HUIMAC1651711661611541811521461501671232191955162.00-367
13 KEVIN YAU HON WANHKG1771261331911361651702061481881691281937163.00-385
14 JOE PANG KIT HUNGHKG1291871461701491582241821761371351321925168.10-397
15 TSE WING SINGHKG1611581621781481511481291511711811691907154.40-415
16 TABASHI MABNCHIJPN1501761351551541421351561571501971671874150.40-448
17 CHAN HON WINGHKG1281401361531561301571411601681711911831142.60-491
18 SAMUEL LEE KWOK KITHKG143202169178172172166164171164001701170.80-621
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