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Senior Men's All Events
Pos  Bowler  City Gms Sgl Dbl Tm1 Tm2 Total Ave Dif
1 NG KAI FUN NEW TERRITORIES18114410536035473347185.940
2 IRSAN DJUNDJUNG JAKARTA18109510835445993321184.50-26
3 A DIAN NEGARA NASUTION JAKARTA18112410605545643302183.44-45
4 HUSIN MAKMUR JAKARTA18112410545055373220178.89-127
5 HJ BAKAR HJ AHMAD BANDAR S.B.1899510845735463198177.67-149
6 YAP TECK CHUNG  BANDAR S.B.18106610864875303169176.06-178
7 THE SWI SWI JAKARTA18107110784964963141174.50-206
8 PG HJ YASFADILLAH BANDAR S.B.18110310584664883115173.06-232
 Top 8 makes cut for Masters Finals
9 FUNG KAM FUNG, WILLIAM NEW TERRITORIES18101110535114643039168.83-308
10 HJ ABDUL HALIM BANDAR S.B.1810089624394792888160.44-459

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