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We provide tenpin bowling news in Asia. Many of these news are provided to us by the championship organisers or the ABF member federations. Some of these news can be viewed via a link to the organisers' websites.

PBA-WBT 16th Qatar Bowling Open 2016
Big payday for Latvian
Women shines in Step 1 final
Aussie makes top bracket
Finn cracks 1500-mark
Canadian makes top bracket
Costa Rican goes top of leaderboard
American takes over pole position
German sets early pace
World Singles Championships 2016
Gold for Denmark and USA
The last eight women through
Eight men make next step
German wins qualifying round
American ends qualifying in pole
German remains in the lead
Swedes rule second block/a>
American takes over lead
German women finishes one-two
Slovakian takes surprise lead
American tops opening squad
Fifty countries vying for glory
30th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships
Daegu, Paranaque bags Masters gold
Team gold to Paranaque, Daegu
Singapore wins second gold
Hong Kong, Singapore wins gold
Asian Intercity Championships open
14th Indonesia International Open
Malaysia, USA dominates Stage 1
Singaporean, Malaysian takes pole
Thai takes over lead
Singapore, Malaysia shares glory
Japanese, Filipina sets pace
ABF Tour - China 2016
China celebrates sweet double
China International Open 2016
Deserving victory for top seeds
Spinners dominate Women Round 1
Spinners shine in Round 1
Singapore dominates qualifying
Asian champ makes top bracket
Singaporean leads first block
Chinese verteran wins Senior Masters
24th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships
Second seeds captures Masters gold
Field wide open after first block
Third consecutive team gold for Korea
Japan takes convincing team victory
Japan snatches first block lead
Slender lead for Korea women
Hong Kong, Japan seals Trios gold
Hong Kong poised for another gold
Korea, Philippines lead first block
Hong Kong strikes gold
Malaysia tops Doubles first squad
Leaders retain lead to win gold
Korean, Malaysian takes over lead
Glamorous ceremony marks opening
Kuwaiti retains post for fourth term
Teams to provide coaching tips
Hong Kong launches 2016 Asian meet
World Bowling News
World Bowling releases Bulletin 2 for WSC 2016
ABF News
Jaya Ancol releases Bulletin 3 for AIBC 2016
Target-HKTBC-Tung Wah Group Hospital Charity Bowling Tournament
ABF News
HKTBC releases Bulletin 3 for ATBC 2016
PBI releases oiling patterns for 14th Indonesia Open
HKTBC releases oiling patterns for ATBC 2016
2016 PBA-WBT World Bolwing Tour Thailand
Swede wins fifth PBA title
Round 3 victory for Malaysian
Malaysian wins Round 2
American debutant moves into second
American PBA pros take one-two
Two-handed bowlers make top bracket
Thai national eyeing tour title
14th World Youth Championships 2016
Malaysia wins first gold
Field cut to last eight
Korea, USA shares team glory
USA girls earn pole position
USA seals top spot
Commanding lead for USA
Japan leads first squad
USA leads first block
Korea, USA wins Doubles gold
Korea takes commanding lead
Malaysia makes semi-final
Swedish duo takes over lead
Dominican pair tops opening squad
Americans sweep Singles gold
Dominican makes top four
Kuwaiti takes Squad A
American tops second squad
Swede sets benchmark
Top youths for world meet
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2016
First back-to-back tour title
42nd Hong Kong International Open
Indonesian, Malaysian bags titles
Filipino, Korean wins Stage 1 finals
Hong Kong youth nails first title
Singaporean takes over lead
Kuwaiti captures Youth U18 title
Indonesian women continue to shine
Indonesians rule qualifying
Hong Kong bowlers take early lead
ABF Tour - Chinese Taipei 2016
First double titles for Hong Kong
16th Chinese Taipei International Open
Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei shares glory
Hong Kong national secures pole
ABF News
HKTBC releases Bulletin 2 for ATBC 2016
ABF Tour - Macau 2016
Maiden victory for Japan and Korea
2016 Macau China International Open
Top seeds win Open Masters titles
Dominating display by Koreans
Korean wins Round 1
Hong Kong shines in Round 1
Koreans continue to lead
Hong Kong youths finish one-two
Macau bowler goes top
Thai takes over lead
Macau bowlers eyeing home victory
ABF Tour News
New scoring system to debut at ABF Tour - Macao
World Bowling News
Qatar Bowling releases Bulletin 1 for World Singles 2016
World Bowling releases Bulletin 2 for WYC 2016
ABF News
HKTBC releases Pattern for 42nd Hong Kong Open
TTBA releases Pattern for Thailand World Tour
SBF releases Pattern for 48th Singapore Open
ABF Tour - Thailand 2016
Third tour title for Aussie
ABF News
HKTBC releases Bulletin 1 for ATBC 2016
42nd MWA Singha Thailand International Open
Grand double for Thailand
Malaysians rule Round 2
Thais dominate Grade A Masters
Thai, Malaysian shares top spot
Thai retains top spot
Thai, Singaporean takes over lead
Kuwaiti moves into second overall
Malaysian, Korean takes Squad B
Aussie, Malaysian tops opening squad
Malaysian clinches YU21 crown
Thai snatches YU18 title
ABF Tour News
Alisports, official partner for ABF Tour
World Bowling News
World Bowling releases Bulletin 1 for WYC 2016
ABF News
QubicaAMF releases entry form
ABF Tour - Bahrain Ranking 2016
Top 16 Men's ranking
PBA-WBT 14th Kingdom of Bahrain Open
Historical win for Bahraini youth
PBA pro easily wins Round 4
Finn wins Round 3 Final
Indonesian clinches Round 2 victory
PBA pro cracks top bracket
American debutant leads Squad E
Indonesian tops Squad F
Left-handers rule Squad E
Pros steal limelight in Squad C
Women dominate Squad B
PBA pro clinches Squad C pole
Colombian leads Squad B
ABF Tour - Qatar Ranking 2016
Top 16 Men's ranking
PBA-WBT H.H. Emir Cup 2016
American cruises to an easy victory
Swede tops Step 2 final
Finn wins Step 1 final
Trio makes top bracket
Dane leads Squad C
Kuwaiti makes top bracket
Hong Kong national tops Squad B
Perfect start for Singaporean
ABF News
Oil Pattern released for 42nd Thailand Open
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16th Qatar Open
16th Dec: Big payday for Latvian. Full story...
World Singles 2016
9th Dec: Gold for Denmark and USA. Full story...
30th Asian Intercity
30th Oct: Daegu, Paranaque bags Masters gold. Full story...
ABF Tour Indonesia
24th Oct: Malaysia, Singapore wins last leg. Full story...
14th Indonesia Open
23rd Oct: Malaysia sweeps Masters titles. Full story...
ABF Tour China 2016
12th Oct: China celebrates sweet double. Full story...
China Open 2016
12th Oct: Deserving victory for top seeds. Full story...
24th Asian C'ships
28th Sep: Second seeds captures Masters gold. Full story...
PBA-WBT Thailand '16
12th Aug: Swede wins fifth PBA title. Full story...
14th World Youth
2nd Aug: Malaysia wins first gold. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong '16
18th Jul: First back-to-back tour title. Full story...
42nd Hong Kong Open
17th Jul: Indonesian, Malaysian bags titles. Full story...
ABF Tour Chinese Taipei
10th Jul: First double titles for Hong Kong. Full story...
16th C. Taipei Open
9th Jul: Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei shares glory. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau '16
27th Jun: Maiden victory for Japan and Korea. Full story...
2016 Macau China Open
26th Jun: Top seeds win Open Masters titles. Full story...
ABF Tour Thailand '16
18th Apr: Third tour title for Aussie. Full story...
42nd Thailand Open
17th Apr: Grand double for Thailand. Full story...
14th Bahrain Open
9th Mar: Historical win for Bahraini youth. Full story...
H.H. Emir Cup 2016
2nd Mar: American cruises to an easy victory. Full story...
Women's World C'ship
13th Dec: Korea emerges as overall champion. Full story...
ABF Tour Saudi
8th Dec: Third tour title for Indonesian. Full story...
9th Kingdom Open
7th Dec: Debutant emerges as champion. Full story...
15th Qatar Open
2nd Dec: Victory in third attempt. Full story...
51st AMF World Cup
19th Nov: Historical win for Hong Kong. Full story...
ABF Tour Indonesia
26th Oct: Indonesians celebrate grand double. Full story...
13th Indonesia Open
25th Oct: Topseeds win Masters titles. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong
31st Aug: Aussie, Malaysia bags tour titles. Full story...
41st Hong Kong Open
30th Aug: Korea sweeps Masters titles. Full story...
NTGCC 16th Asian School
31st Jul: Singapore, Korea wins Masters gold. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau '15
23rd Jun: Victory for Hong Kong and Macau. Full story...
2015 Macao China Open
22nd Jun: Top seeds win Open Masters titles. Full story...
28th SEA Games
14th Jun: Thai, Singaporean wins Masters gold. Full story...
ABF Tour Egypt '15
1st May: Convincing victory for Kuwaiti. Full story...
17th Sinai Open
30th Apr: Dane, Egyptian emerge as champions. Full story...
ABF Tour Thailand '15
17th Apr: Thailand, Macau clinches titles. Full story...
41st Thailand Open
16th Apr: Malaysians sweep Masters titles. Full story...
18th Asian Youth
31st Mar: Malaysia sweeps Masters gold. Full story...
ABF Tour TOC '14
17th Mar: Victory for Bahraini and Hong Kong. Full story...
ABF Tour Kuwait '15
15th Mar: Indonesian Asian champion triumphs. Full story...
12th Kuwait Open
14th Mar: American top seed bags title. Full story...
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