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Calendar Title
 International Calendar 2005 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 |
 Month  Dates  Tournaments
 Jan/Feb 28 - 4 7th GCC Championship for Adult, UAE
 Feb 14 -19 2nd Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championship, Cyprus
 Feb 18 - 27 H.H. Emir Cup, Qatar
 Feb/Mar 25 - 19 2nd Kuwait International Open, Kuwait
 Mar 14 - 25 28th Malaysian International Open, Kuala Lumpur
 Apr 1 - 10 EuroMed-Storm International Masters Challenge, Manila
 Apr 1 - 25 2nd Al Gusaibi International Open, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
 Apr 4 - 9 8th Asian School Bowling Championships, Jakarta
 Apr 9 - 15 7th Sinai International Open Bowling Tournament, Egypt
 Apr/May 25 - 1 World Ranking Masters 2005, Florida, USA
 May 3 - 13 31st Thailand International Open, Bangkok
 May/Jun 17 - 2 4th Kingdom of Bahrain Bowling Championships, Bahrain
 Jun 3 - 17 34th PBC-Euromed International Open, Manila
 Jun 20 - 30 6th Qatar International Open, Doha, Qatar
 Jul 1 - 10 1st Selangor International Open, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 Jul 12 - 23 7th Chinese Taipei International Open, Taipei
 Jul 15 - 16 World Games - Ninepin Bowling, Duisburg, Germany
 Jul 18 - 20 World Games - Tenpin Bowling, Duisburg, Germany
 Jul 26 - 30 17th Cathay Super Classic, 2005, Singapore
 Jul 21 - 30 7th GCC Championship for Youth, Kuwait
 Jul 30 WTBA Presidium Meeting, Aalborg, Denmark
 Jul 31 FIQ Presidium Meeting, Aalborg, Denmark
 Aug 1 WTBA Congress, Aalborg, Denmark
 Aug 2 FIQ Congress, Aalborg, Denmark
 Aug 3 - 14 Women’s World Tenpin Bowling C’shp, Aalborg, Denmark
 Aug 16 - 26 3rd Indonesia International Open, Jakarta
 Aug/Sep 27 - 10 3rd Vietnam International Open, Ho Chi Minh City
 Aug/Sep 29 - 4 19th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships, Jakarta, Indonesia
 Sep 8 - 16 31st Hong Kong International Open, Hong Kong
 Sep 22 - 30 38th Singapore International Open, Singapore
 Sep 2 - 4 Ebonite South Pacific Classic, Melbourne, Australia
 Oct 1 - 9 4th Guam International Open, Tamuning
 Oct 12 - 16 PBAP International Classic, Manila, Philippines
 Oct/Nov 29 - 5 4th East Asian Games, Macau, China
 Nov 11 - 13 2nd Asian Tenpin Bowling C'ship for the Blind
 Nov 13 - 20 41st AMF Bowling World Cup, Ljubljana, Slovenia
 Nov/Dec 27 - 5 23rd SEA Games, Manila, Philippines
 Dec 2 - 9 3rd West Asian Games, Doha, Qatar
 Dec 3 - 13 6th Milo International Junior All Stars, K.Lumpur, Malaysia
 Dec 8 - 18 33rd Pesta Penang International Open, Penang, Malaysia
 Dec 19 - 25 Commemoration International Open for Men, Busan, Korea
 ABF Tour 2005 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 |
 Month  Dates  Legs
 Jan 13 - 16 ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions, Jakarta
 Feb 28 ABF Tour - Qatar, Doha
 Mar 20 ABF Tour - Kuwait, Kuwait
 Mar 26 - 27 ABF Tour - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
 May 14 - 15 ABF Tour - Thailand, Bangkok
 Jun 18 - 19 ABF Tour - Philippines, Manila
 Aug 27 - 28 ABF Tour - Jakarta, Indonesia
 Sep 17 - 18 ABF Tour - Hong Kong, China
 Oct 1 ABF Tour - Singapore, Singapore
 Jan 2006 5 - 8 ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions, Jakarta

  • Blue = Sanctioned by WTBA and an ABF Ranking Tournament
  • Yellow = ABF Ranking Tournament
  • Grey = Sanctioned by WTBA
  • Quick Link
    ABF Tour Singapore
    1st Oct: Champions catch last flight to Macau. Full story...
    38th Singapore Open
    30th Sep: Jack Wong rises to the occassion. Full story...
    ABF Tour Hong Kong
    18th Sep: Lady luck shines on tour debutant. Full story...
    31st Hong Kong Open
    16th Sep: Singaporean and Filipina crowned champions. Full story...
    3rd Vietnam Open
    10th Sep: Filipino, Malaysian crowned Masters champions. Full story...
    19th Asian Intercity
    4th Sep: Paranaque sweeps Masters titles. Full story...
    ABF Tour Indonesia
    28th Aug: Double Thumbs up for Malaysia. Full story...
    3rd Indonesia Open
    26th Aug: Third international title for Malaysian. Full story...
    Women's World Cship
    13th Aug: China claims Final Glory. Full story...
    Cathay Super Classic
    30th Jul: Tsai Ting-Yun captures Super Classic title. Full story...
    7th Chinese Taipei Open
    23rd Jul: Chinese Taipei bowlers sweep Masters titles. Full story...
    World Games 2005
    20th Jul: Finn, Korean wins World Games titles. Full story...
    1st Selangor Open
    10th Jul: Alex Liew, Lee Eun Ock emerges as champions. Full story...
    6th Qatar Open
    30th Jun: Lee Yu Wen captures title for Singapore. Full story...
    36th Singapore National
    25th Jun: Nathan siblings make history. Full story...
    ABF Tour Philippines
    19th Jun: Apple Posadas tastes sweet success. Full story...
    34th PBC-Euromed Open
    17th Jun: Chester King, Tsai Hsin Yi crowned champions. Full story...
    4th Bahrain Open
    2nd Jun: Alex Liew claims second international title. Full story...
    ABF Tour Thailand
    15th May: Thai, Singaporean clinches maiden ABF Tour title. Full story...
    31st Thailand Open
    13th May: Maiden international title for Malaysian. Full story...
    World Tenpin Masters
    9th May: Jens Nickel crowned World Tenpin Masters champion. Full story...
    World Ranking Masters
    30th Apr: Colombian, Finn crowned World Champions. Full story...
    7th Sinai Open
    15th Apr: Khalifa Khalid, Wendy Chai captures Sinai titles. Full story...
    8th Asian School
    9th Apr: Malaysia, Thailand shares glory. Full story...
    3rd Euromed-Storm
    9th Apr: Remy Ong tops Euromed-Storm semifinals. Full story...