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6th East Asian Games 2013 Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Men's Singles Squad A (Short Oil)
Pos  Bowler Ctry/NOC G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 Score Ave Dif
1 DAISUKE YOSHIDAJPN2892362232322241881392232.000
2 CHO YOUNG SEONKOR2462352332222282231387231.17-5
3 SHUSAKU ASATOJPN2692381912381612371334222.33-58
4 SHIN SEUNG HYEONKOR2342462431522092481332222.00-60
5 MICHAEL MAKHKG2681712121922482371328221.33-64
6 CHENG HSING CHAOTPE1902322212012432381325220.83-67
7 QI WANKANGCHN2302182311822182361315219.17-77
8 KIM JUN YUNGKOR2331771791842352661274212.33-118
8 WICKY YEUNGHKG2552032202141592231274212.33-118
10 ZHANG PENGCHN2111962561812241961264210.67-128
11 MICHAEL TSANGHKG2212272581791751841244207.33-148
12 LEONG CHOU KINMAC1902262232221612091231205.17-161
13 KIM JU YOUNGKOR1642361782481702151211201.83-181
14 HUANG TENG WEITPE1961891941792462041208201.33-184
15 CHEN YUNG CHUANTPE2351631842471492241202200.33-190
16 JAY LEON GUERREROGUM1742002231981952021192198.67-200
17 RICKLE KAMHKG2012031612192241771185197.50-207
18 CAI XIAOTIANCHN2172131831791742131179196.50-213
19 CHEN KUAN LUNTPE1862361792041422081155192.50-237
20 CHEN WENGCHANGCHN1681991682181931801126187.67-266
21 CHAN TAK SENGMAC1661801691822201681085180.83-307
22 RICKY DUENASGUM2151511311932061831079179.83-313
23 M. SAMBUU BAYARKHUUMGL162174145187132151951158.50-441
24 TUMURBAATAR BATBAYARMGL163173117145136143877146.17-515
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