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6th East Asian Games 2013 Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Men's Doubles Squad B (LOng Oil)
Pos  Bowler NOC G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 Score Ave Total Diff
1 PARK JONG WOO1982551932432472281364227.3326660
 KIM JU YOUNG1692042422462332081302217.00
 KOREA 3 367459435489480436 
2 CHO YOUNG SEON1492462241772282491273212.172644-22
 SHIN SEUNG HYEON2142362402032442341371228.50
 KOREA 2 363482464380472483 
3 RICKLE KAM1951962671691802211228204.672571-95
 WU SIU HONG2222112172592242101343223.83
 HONG KONG 2 417407484428404431 
4 JAY LEON GUERRERO1981752541982152021242207.002463-203
 KEITH GUERRERO2081812242451622011221203.50
 GUAM 2 406356478443377403 
5 ERIC TSENG1801592312062061911173195.502440-226
 MICHAEL MAK1992141842302152251267211.17
 HONG KONG 3 379373415436421416 
6 FANG CHIH NAN2251932181902002021228204.672424-242
 CHEN HSIN AN2032141922032001841196199.33
 CHINESE TAIPEI 3 428407410393400386 
7 DAISUKE YOSHIDA1882142192332201561230205.002395-271
 SHOGO WADA1942251742171701851165194.17
 JAPAN 3 382439393450390341 
8 QI WANKANG1941912001592161901150191.672320-346
 ZHANG PENG2151982311831531901170195.00
 CHINA 3 409389431342369380 
9 ZOE DIAS MA1962111431752112011137189.502290-376
 LEE TAK MAN1971932031921731951153192.17
 MACAU 2 393404346367384396 
10 M. SAMBUU BAYARKHUU1502061241581801951013168.831939-727
 TSOLMON TEMUULEN150163164123148178926154.33
 MONGOLIA 3 300369288281328373 
11 CHAN TAK SENGMAC2271811991921892101198199.670-2666
 BRUCE CALIPGUM1651672032041281991066177.67
 MAKEUP 392348402396317409 
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