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6th East Asian Games 2013 Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Men's Masters - Block 1 (Long Oil)
Pos  Bowler/Country NOC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Total Ave Dif
1 SHIN SEUNG HYEON21727923617721126819023218101850226.250
2 CHO YOUNG SEON20021321821524420024523717721832221.50-38
3 CHENG HSING CHAO22121724619321224519921417471807218.38-63
 CHINESE TAIPEI10101010101060
4 KIM JUN YUNG22424714422620720921323317031763212.88-107
5 WU SIU HONG21919820420421123521620816951755211.88-115
 HONG KONG10101010101060
6 MICHAEL MAK22624421318418322620419316731723209.13-137
 HONG KONG101010101050
7 PARK JONG WOO18917717918126420824822616721702209.00-138
8 CHOI BOK EUM22322522019022818622217616701700208.75-140
9 TOSHIHIKO TAKAHASHI18819117318125219923619616161666202.00-194
10 SHUSAKU ASATO20418722222121518916022416221652202.75-188
11 KIM JU YOUNG17618918718324821319422116111651201.38-199
12 LEE TAK MAN21322719419922016918318715921622199.00-218
13 DAISUKE YOSHIDA22122317518017721518218215551575194.38-255
14 WICKY YEUNG25520220321417619414015315371567192.13-273
 HONG KONG10101030
15 TOMOYUKI SASAKI20020822518417720713817815171547189.63-293
16 KEITH GUERRERO19721017021618117219417115111531188.88-299

Note: Average based on scratch scores not including bonus.
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