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6th East Asian Games 2013 Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Women's Masters - Block 2 (Short Oil)
Pos  Bowler/Country NOC B/F 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Score Ave Total Dif
1 SON YUN HEE17962892682222112182442382211911245.5337970
2 JUNG DA WUN18021802482261722262032792311765238.333707-90
3 LEE NA YOUNG17052351872152302362112522361802233.133597-200
 Top 3 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
4 CHOU CHIA CHEN17412151952151941892272052421682228.603543-254
 CHINESE TAIPEI70101010101050
5 KIM MOON JEONG17161921991722252422212692251745229.873541-256
6 TSAI HSIN YI16532021891891802352212442121672219.203405-392
 CHINESE TAIPEI401010101040
7 MITSUKI OKAMOTO16321861902451892162151922111644217.733386-411
8 BAEK SEUNG JA16731621992121972012091782181576216.603369-428
9 WANG YA TING16602701832241871702001721861592217.603342-455
10 MISAKI MUKOTANI16182102021682231912031862421625214.473313-484
11 NATSUKI TESHIMA15841652052162332242371602121652212.603306-491
12 PAN YU FEN16481491682031931852152252251563215.533271-526
13 LI SHIAU PING16191581721951802012222101981536206.073205-592
14 CHIEN HSIU LAN16141831741931811571801801911439203.333093-704
15 SUN HONGDOU14812051961771692231722112011554204.733055-742
16 KONG MIN14051532021672141581492002431486199.802941-856

Note: Average based on scratch scores not including bonus.
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