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13th Indonesia Open Bowling Championship Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Senior Masters Finals
Pos  Bowler/Country Gen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Hcp Score Ave Dif
1 TERRY LEONG M1772151702172312461922321121792210.000
2 HAIRON BIN AWANG M171233211233189208242219401746213.25-46
3 DAVID SITORUS M182222207219215203215175401678204.75-114
4 JAMES LIM M184226200173180211209199881670197.75-122
5 RICK TANM170203163268212176212210561670201.75-122
6 SAM CARTER M1711631871951922162451801041653193.63-139
7 JACK WONGM1831322171821882202271901041643192.38-149
8 FRANCISCO M182186210213190216158169641588190.50-204
9 LIZAR YAHYA M1702061911791681731731781281566179.75-226
10 KUSHAREYANTO M171225186161194177192174801560185.00-232
11 PETER CHUAM1701421501881821741651711921534167.75-258
12 SUKINTO WIJAYA M169194219198194192154126801526180.75-266
13 LEE HYUN BAE M20417520016818617916722601505188.13-287
14 DEENO NASUTION M16819022120018017815621201505188.13-287
15 SUPRIYATNA M145160167177198155176242401460177.50-332
16 DANNY ALCANTARA M193174182172167165172144481417171.13-375
17 RETNO M173155169158164155165181801400165.00-392
18 VICTOR MANALO M12914212917218916512316001209151.13-583
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