42nd Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Women's Grade A Masters Finals
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave Dif
1364 CHANG HSU CHENTPE1781991532261571852131881499187.380
2449 HUI TONGMAC2181481641742421871771741484185.50-15
2420 CHE WENG SIMAC1551702101921692261911711484185.50-15
2384 LIN YIN TONGTPE2041941842062001931561471484185.50-15
5140 LEUNG CHI YUNGHKG1771771372001882002021431424178.00-75
6224 ROCICA LAIHKG1531931991961701651861551417177.13-82
7363 LIN SHI HANTPE1891911441981691571711931412176.50-87
8119 KELSY HUIHKG2001891781861561751551681407175.88-92
9098 LAU PUI LINGHKG1751622131901581441591971398174.75-101
10125 ANNY MA YUEN TINGHKG1821471721821771671961691392174.00-107
11116 WONG WAI CHAI, TINAHKG1531691391512121731381801315164.38-184
12141 ZOE CHUIHKG1271941341451671651981781308163.50-191
13043 ALMAZ LAUHKG1871951811321691471431421296162.00-203
14187 LEPPI CHENGHKG1321821311251301671741571198149.75-301

A one-game roll-off was held to break the tie for second, third and fourth positions.

Final results:
Pos 2 - Hui Tong (184)
Pos 3 - Che Weng Si (180)
Pos 4 - Lin Yin Tong (177)

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