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41st Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Hong Kong Cup Qualifying (Results at at Results as at 28/08/2015 after 2200hrs squad...)
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Sex Ser1 Ser2 Hcp Score Ave
1221 TSANG PAK KEI, MICHAELHKGM69268301375229.17
2223 TSE CHUNG YIN, LEOHKGM67865301331221.83
3235 LEE KWOK WAIHKGM67265501327221.17
4298 ROCKY HUIHKGM73058601316219.33
5071 LEUNG YUK FUNG OTTOHKGM70361101314219.00
6301 T H CHANHKGM71359601309218.17
7158 CHUNG KWONG CHUENHKGM65564401299216.50
8251 LAU TSZ YEUNG, STANELYHKGM66763201299216.50
9265 LO TSUN TAK, EDMONDHKGM71358501298216.33
10220 LI CHUN KIT, JIMMYHKGM65663401290215.00
11062 CHU WAI KIM ALANHKGM65263801290215.00
12112 HENRY HUIHKGM67960601285214.17
13090 JOEY YIPHKGF654581481283213.83
14123 ALFRED PANGHKGM65361901272212.00
15066 TONY TANGHKGM63562701262210.33
16057 DOLAY TO CHI HANGHKGM64161901260210.00
17318 IP CHI WAIHKGM64061801258209.67
18059 HENRY LAMHKGM65959801257209.50
19067 RAYMOND LEUNG CHI YUENHKGM63462001254209.00
20028 SAM LAMHKGM62261501237206.17
21286 HUNG YU LUK ANDREWHKGM63959201231205.17
22263 YIM YIU KWONGHKGM63159201223203.83
23336 SIN CHUN TING, JASONHKGM60859401202200.33
24030 TIMOTHY CHINGHKGM62258001202200.33
25103 PATRICK WANHKGM63355101184197.33
26056 KEVIN LAMHKGM61157201183197.17
27149 HO KWOK WAH, DEREKHKGM59358401177196.17
28141 CHAN WAI CHUNGHKGM58758201169194.83
29027 FUNG KAI FAI, BRYANHKGM61055101161193.50
30213 CHENG CHI KIN ROGERHKGM58257401156192.67
31063 CHU WAI KIT ALEXHKGM58257301155192.50
32153 KENNETH CHOUHKGM57656301139189.83
33171 NICK LAMHKGM56756101128188.00
34259 SO SHEUNG YANHKGM57655001126187.67
35147 CHAN CHI KEUNGHKGM57554601121186.83
36143 CHEUNG CHI HONG, PATRICKHKGM56355501118186.33
37078 KWOK KA YAN,DANNYHKGM55154801099183.17
38245 LOK HIN MAN, RAYMONDHKGM55553901094182.33
39054 OCEAN CHAN HO YIPHKGM55054301093182.17
40266 LAM SUN TANGHKGM54253901081180.17
41248 CHU CHI ONHKGM58049001070178.33
42119 KENNTH CHANHKGM53050901039173.17
43029 CHAN MAN SENHKGM52050701027171.17
44150 ROY CHANHKGM52050401024170.67
45268 MOK CHI YUENHKGM5084530961160.17
46162 PANG HO YUEN, LUKEHKGM4944630957159.50
47073 CHAN TAK YANHKGM5144370951158.50
48200 YUEN HONG SANG, ANTHONYHKGM4404400880146.67
49341 WONG LEUNG CHEEHKGM5293280857142.83
50064 TSANG WILLIAMHKGM4823290811135.17
51058 SAM MAKHKGM606 0606202.00
52083 KWOK WAI HO, JOHNNYHKGM507 0507169.00
53260 CHAN MAN FUHKGM449 0449149.67
54250 WILLIAM LAWHKGM434 0434144.67
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