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41st Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Women's Grade B Qualifying (Results at at Results as at 28/08/2015 after 2200hrs squad...)
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Ser1 Ser2 Total Ave
1142 LAI SHUK HON, IRISHKG5475371084180.67
2280 FIONA KUMAC5435311074179.00
3317 AMY CHANHKG5475231070178.33
4279 JENNIFER U WENG SANMAC5595081067177.83
5211 LO MAN KITHKG5395071046174.33
6199 CHAN SIN YEE, SHIRLEYHKG5414971038173.00
7132 YVONNE YEUNGHKG5355001035172.50
8212 WONG HOI YIHKG5364921028171.33
9105 LEE YEE MAN JODISHKG5145131027171.17
10157 CELIA TANGHKG5125101022170.33
11329 MACK SUI HANHKG5205011021170.17
12065 CHEUNG WAI MANHKG5115081019169.83
12144 LO HANG WOHKG5244951019169.83
14155 CANIS LINGHKG5194971016169.33
14130 KWOK HOI KEIHKG5075041011168.50
16102 CHAN MAN WAIHKG5114991010168.33
17278 FATIMA CHOIMAC490488978163.00
18267 WONG WAI CHAI, TINAHKG502472974162.33
19202 POLY KAMHKG486485971161.83
20191 CHUNG PUI SZE AMYHKG498473971161.83
21168 IP WING YEEHKG488476964160.67
22276 YUNG WAI MANHKG503460963160.50
23325 CHUNG PUI KEIHKG490465955159.17
24186 CHONG WAI TUEN, SYBILHKG493438931155.17
25131 LAI MAN YI DONNAHKG468460928154.67
26253 CHU WING KAM CATHYHKG478443921153.50
27180 LAU YUK CHUNHKG458451909151.50
28304 KWAN ESMONDHKG436406842140.33
29342 TSUI KWAI KINGHKG429401830138.33
30188 CHEE YEE MAN,CARMANHKG505 505168.33
31089 YAU WAI TAK WENDYHKG453 453151.00
32163 CHOW MEI HAHKG353 353117.67

Note: Lo Han Wo (144) defeated Cheung Wai Man (065), 150-134 in a one-game roll-off to break
the tie for the last spot in the Masters Finals.
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