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41st Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Men's Open Stage 2 Finals
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave Dif
1419 SON YOUNG SEOKKOR2982262582772312282262792023252.880
2421 KIM DONG GYOOKOR2392392242262412022572471875234.38-148
3002 MICHAEL MAKHKG2162462452312682382002151859232.38-164
4364 LEE TAK MANMAC2322512142242272162382441846230.75-177
5013 TONY WONGHKG2572282052482002362372101821227.63-202
6381 SURASAK MANUWONGTHA2042032242802482472002101816227.00-207
 Top 6 makes cut for Stepladder Finals
7420 KANG HEE WONKOR1502672592032462272252331810226.25-213
8008 RICKLE KAMHKG2121922382151952692362221779222.38-244
9417 JANG DONG CHULKOR1962682261941902282542071763220.38-260
10010 LAU KWUN HOHKG1802052031821942792472321722215.25-301
11349 BASEL AL ANZIKUW1942682322381702361792021719214.88-304
12009 MIKE CHANHKG2332362281751792062052471709213.63-314
13436 NG TIAC PINSIN2282062111982241682592141708213.50-315
14448 SAM COOLEYAUS2462361872141921871992431704213.00-319
15388 JUNG DONGIKKOR1812602442021861952271921687210.88-336
16001 WU SIU HONGHKG2461912372311961831981851667208.38-356
17435 SYAFFIQUE IKHWANMAS2051972151942161851852471644205.50-379
18357 MUSTAFA AL-MOUSAWIKUW2862041831792022092041741641205.13-382
19354 MUHANNAD EBRAHIMKUW2122661471721842582361661641205.13-382
20071 LEUNG YUK FUNG OTTOHKG2472282241881522221871761624203.00-399
21390 KIM YUSINKOR2162071881731931982132181606200.75-417
22017 JIMMY CHEUNGHKG2002221501901831951992351574196.75-449
23004 JOSHUA CHOWHKG1972041731852151821812351572196.50-451
24382 ANNOP ARROMSARANONTHA1631932021912122221702011554194.25-469
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