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41st Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Youth Under-18 Masters Finals
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Sex 1 2 3 4 5 6 Hcp Score Ave Dif
1409 XU ZHE JIATPEM193245244226187203 1298216.330
2411 WANG YU HUEITPEF157190171194235200481195199.17-103
3360 ABDULLAH AL-DUBAYANKUWM189211179181216217 1193198.83-105
4275 SOK YIN CHAO, TIMONTHYCANM209177191166180244 1167194.50-131
5340 TAN GIAN YIONSINM181191190193196185 1136189.33-162
6019 NIXON CHANHKGM197232173178196158 1134189.00-164
7359 ABDULSALAM AL-SAQERKUWM185160163214156197 1075179.17-223
8412 TSENG WEN YITPEF156178169188160173481072178.67-226
9362 FAWAZ AL-BASAIRIKUWM168167165175173198 1046174.33-252
10020 JUPITER CHANHKGM124154191174202180 1025170.83-273
11410 CHANG YUAN HUTPEM165172166184165164 1016169.33-282
12289 CHEUNG WAI LAMHKGM158178182148174175 1015169.17-283
13178 JACKY LOHKGM146159158139175202 979163.17-319
14177 ANGUS FUNG LONG HEIHKGM202187137136122143 927154.50-371
15138 CHAN YUET HEIHKGM17414519714415895 913152.17-385
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