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41st Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Men's Grade A Qualifying (Results at at Results as at 28/08/2015 after 2200hrs squad...)
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Ser1 Ser2 Total Ave
1390 KIM YUSINKOR7595961355225.83
2277 H.M. SIOMAC6836281311218.50
3457 ZHAO ZHI FENGCHN6765941270211.67
4328 SUNNY MANSIN6865791265210.83
5159 CHAN CHI CHUENHKG6436221265210.83
6388 JUNG DONGIKKOR6326301262210.33
7175 ALAN LO SIU WINGHKG6326301262210.33
8431 DANIEL LIMMAS7075541261210.17
9399 CHIOU DUEN FENGTPE6516051256209.33
10122 LO NGA LUNHKG6346211255209.17
11429 MICKY UNMAS6506031253208.83
12064 TSANG WILLIAMHKG6795631242207.00
13389 CHOI JAEHYUNKOR7055321237206.17
14222 LAM CHI YEE, VINCENTHKG6286051233205.50
14356 ALI SALEHKUW6226071229204.83
16246 LAU MEI TONG TOMMYHKG6255991224204.00
17260 CHAN MAN FUHKG6205961216202.67
18174 WILLIAM FUNG KAM FUNGHKG6485651213202.17
19413 HSU CHUNG TETPE6116001211201.83
20323 TAN HOCK SENGSIN6395711210201.67
21047 KWONG LOK SANGHKG6185891207201.17
22213 CHENG CHI KIN ROGERHKG6036031206201.00
23321 ANDREW LEESIN6175761193198.83
24400 CHANG CHUNG YITPE6015921193198.83
25107 LAU KA FAIHKG6075861193198.83
26274 TONG WAI HUNGHKG6015911192198.67
27063 CHU WAI KIT ALEXHKG6315611192198.67
28438 SOO EE SWEESIN6225611183197.17
29282 WONG WANG IPMAC5885871175195.83
30215 CHEUNG KA FAIHKG5915741165194.17
31243 CHAN HON WINGHKG5845801164194.00
32068 PETERSON LAW SIU LUNHKG5865761162193.67
33458 YEUNG CHIU YEUNGCHN5825681150191.67
34224 ANTHONY LAWHKG5725711143190.50
35110 PANG HO YINHKG5785601138189.67
36319 TSO WING SINGHKG6215111132188.67
37441 LIM WEI YEESIN6015191120186.67
38082 YEE WING SUN, LARRYHKG5655461111185.17
39228 HO CHUN TATHKG5615481109184.83
40335 ZENG SUN HUACHN5795251104184.00
41333 CHEN HANCHN5715301101183.50
42310 TANG TSZ KITHKG5615391100183.33
43036 WOO SHIAN KANHKG5655191084180.67
44077 TONG CHAN HOHKG5415341075179.17
45040 KWOK TIM HOIHKG5385361074179.00
46334 LI DONG PINGCHN5615121073178.83
47121 MAN CHI LEUNGHKG5595141073178.83
48135 LIU CHI TAT STEPHENHKG5555171072178.67
49108 CHAN HOI MINGHKG5435251068178.00
50088 TONG KOWK LEUNG LOUISHKG5375251062177.00
51312 LAM KWOK CHI TOMMYHKG5595021061176.83
52172 YOUNG CHEE KINHKG5524881040173.33
53118 NG KWOK LEUNGHKG5175171034172.33
54033 NGAN WAI HUNGHKG5185141032172.00
55035 LO CHUNG MINGHKG5235001023170.50
56214 LAM CHAN CHUNGHKG5294941023170.50
57248 CHU CHI ONHKG5185031021170.17
58038 LAI FUK WINGHKG5155061021170.17
59283 CHAN KIN MAN GIRESEHKG5115051016169.33
60440 FANG JEREMYSIN5254851010168.33
61226 FUNG CHEUK MANHKG5174871004167.33
62079 KOH BOON HUAT, JOHNHKG5214791000166.67
63242 CHAN CHEUK NAM, HUMPHREYHKG534453987164.50
64185 LEE YIM WAI, DARRENHKG522464986164.33
65031 TAM HO MAN, CALVINHKG527453980163.33
66308 CHAN PUI MINGHKG487477964160.67
67432 ALAN PIONGMAS498460958159.67
68052 MAK CHUN PANHKG487420907151.17
69206 FONG FU HONHKG453449902150.33
70074 KAM LAP SING KELVINHKG475382857142.83
71430 CHAN KAM FOOKMAS516113629104.83
72039 LI LUNG CHUNHKG593 593197.67
73230 CHEONG CHI YINHKG524 524174.67
74314 NG CHUN YIN BRANDONHKG422 422140.67
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