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41st Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Women's Open Qualifying (Results at at Results as at 28/08/2015 after 2200hrs squad...)
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Ser1 Ser2 Total Ave
 451 VICTORIA CHINMASDefending Champion
 Local Seeded Pool
 Local Pool
1012 JOAN CHENGHKG6646371301216.83
2090 JOEY YIPHKG6506291279213.17
3006 MILKI NGHKG6406101250208.33
 Top 3 automatically advances to Stage 2
4447 KATHERINE WUHKG6156141229204.83
5011 ZOE TAMHKG6215901211201.83
6300 CHAN CHEE YAN, VICTORIAHKG6155841199199.83
7197 CHIU CHO KWAI JASMINEHKG6235721195199.67
8288 CARMEN TANGHKG5895831172195.33
9201 YUNG HO YEE, GLORIAHKG5855561141190.67
 Overseas Pool
1416 LEE NA YOUNGKOR7126491361226.83
2383 TANAPRANG SATHEANTHA6756601335222.50
3418 LIM SO HYUNKOR7136081321220.17
 Top 3 automatically advances to Stage 2
4347 REBECCA VOUKOLOSAUS6736481321220.17
5444 NATASHA ROSLANMAS6636541317219.50
6406 SU SHU WENTPE6626331295215.83
7403 PAN YU FENTPE6576341291215.17
8366 LAM SOU KENG, JULIAMAC6466431289214.83
9363 VERONICA DE SOUZAMAC6646231287214.50
10415 HAN KYEO RAEKOR6406311271211.83
 Mixed Pool
1433 ESTHER CHEAHMAS6456191264210.67
2367 HUI TONGMAC6426191261210.17
3404 HUANG CHIUNG YAOTPE6596011260210.00
4443 RADIN NUR NAZWAMAS6236231246207.67
5446 SHARON KOHMAS6555901245207.50
6374 YAP SEOK KIMSIN6196121231205.17
7375 WENDY CHAIMAS6126071219203.17
8261 FILOMENA CHOIMAC6125981210201.67
9405 CHANG HSU CHENTPE6405691209201.50
2445 ALISHA IMANMAS6045551159193.17
3305 EVA LEONGHKG5755581133188.83
5236 CHAN SUEN MAN, DORISHKG5895061095182.50
6092 SEETO SHUK KUEN RITAHKG5595271086181.00
7299 AGNES CHANGHKG5535311084180.67
8184 LAI WAI YINHKG5435351078179.67
9111 FRANKCHESCA LIHKG5425191061176.83
10192 YEUNG WAI CHI VICKYHKG5195191038173.00
11091 VANNESE TANGHKG5215171038173.00
12134 SHUM YAT CHI TILDAHKG5175091026171.00
13114 WONG NGAR WAI ALTHEAHKG435 435145.00
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