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39th Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Men's Open Qualifying
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Ser1 Ser2 Total Ave
 Local Seeded Pool
1001 WU SIU HONGHKG00.00
 Local Pool
1006 WICKY YEUNGHKG7457251470245.00
2011 ACHILLES HUNGHKG7427041446241.00
3009 RICKLE KAMHKG7237001423237.17
 Top 3 automatically advances to Stage 2
4012 LAU KWUN HOHKG6996831382230.33
5003 MICHAEL TSANGHKG7126641376229.33
6115 ROCKY HUIHKG7306111341223.50
7016 LEO TSEHKG6716501321220.17
8243 SIN CHUN TINGHKG6646471311218.50
9022 DAVID TSANGHKG6576521309218.17
 Overseas Pool
1372 SAM COOLEYAUS7696941463243.83
2345 SHAKER AL HASSANUAE7127111423237.17
3333 ANDREW FRAWLEYAUS7086851393232.17
 Top 3 automatically advances to Stage 2
4327 ZOE DIAS MAMAC7056841389231.50
5334 BASEL AL ANZIKUW6996851384230.67
6336 JASSIM DARWISHKUW7306451375229.17
7335 RAKAN AL AMIRIKUW7196321351225.17
8325 LEE TAK MANMAC7076381345224.17
9344 HUSSAIN AL SUWAIDIUAE6926481340223.33
10342 SAYED AL HASHEMIUAE6726611333222.17
11368 HRH MOHAMMED AL SAUDKSA6676651332222.00
12358 ALEXANDER TANSIN6716601331221.83
 Mixed Pool
1369 SITHIPHOL KUNAKSORNTHA6636621325220.83
2328 CHOI IO FAIMAC6726441316219.33
3393 HAREB AL MANSOORIUAE6626481310218.33
4370 ANNOP ARROMSARANONTHA6646431307217.83
5337 SALEM AL HAJRASKUW6806231303217.17
6359 MUHD DANIEL ZHENG YESIN6796231302217.00
7020 ASHLEY HUIHKG6546371291215.17
8268 WEN WAI NOK, MARTINHKG6566341290215.00
9005 JOSHUA CHOWHKG6546361290215.00
10114 ALFRED PANGHKG6626271289214.83
11381 PAENG NEPOMUCENOPHI6516371288214.67
 Hong Kong Cup Winner
1390 MOHAMMED AL NUAIMIUAE6546241278213.00
2167 DANNY KWOKHKG6855911276212.67
3293 FUNG CHUN PONGHKG6356301265210.83
4356 LEONG CHOU KINMAC6416201261210.17
5357 ALEX CHONGSIN6426141256209.33
6203 LAU TSZ YEUNG, STANLEY HKG6256131238206.33
7051 CHOI TIN YU, DANIELHKG6246091233205.50
8394 ALI ALRASHDIUAE6286011229204.83
9326 CHAN TAK SENGMAC6206081228204.67
10049 ELVIS LAWHKG6266011227204.50
11050 HUI CHEUK HO, HENRYHKG6156101225204.17
12053 TSANG HIN CHUNG, STEVENHKG6156061221203.50

Final Qualifying results: 9th June. Desperado squad cancelled due to insufficient entries.
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