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39th Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Youth Open Qualifying
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Ser1 Ser2 Hcp Score Ave
 Local Pool
1021 OTTO LEUNGHKG69562901324220.67
2017 TONY WONGHKG66265701319219.83
3019 JOAN CHENGHKG629581481258209.67
4243 SIN CHUN TINGHKG64161201253208.83
5020 ASHLEY HUIHKG64160401245207.50
 Overseas Pool
1386 DANIEL TAN YAN HANMAS65457701231205.17
2330 HUI TONG MAC572562481182197.00
3395 NIKIHIL GANGARAMSIN59355501148191.33
4358 ALEXANDER TANSIN65047801128376.00
5322 EUGENE ORSIN57755101128376.00
 Mixed Pool
1018 VICTORIA CHANHKG606584481238206.33
2022 DAVID TSANGHKG60560301208201.33
3120 BRIAN WONGHKG61359001203200.50
4014 CHRISTINE CHEUNGHKG584555481187197.83
5244 CHAN CHI CHUENHKG59557801173195.50
1015 RICKY SHAMHKG5755975751172195.33
2124 CALVIN LEUNGHKG59056501155192.50
3357 ALEX CHONGSIN5780578192.67
4361 JOY YAPSIN5550555185.00
5359 MUHD DANIAL XHENG YESIN5250525175.00
6331 CHOW KWAN YEEHKG5190519173.00

Final Qualifying results: 9th June.
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