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39th Hong Kong International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Men's Open Stage 1 Finals
Pos  Bowler Ctry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Score Ave Dif
1 WU SIU HONGHKG2671752671862242201952452122242215221.500
2 MICHAEL TSANG HKG1952022182442072143001731692232145214.50-70
3 HRH MOHAMMED AL SAUDKSA2211711971782032432482752071882131213.10-84
4 HAREB AL MANSOORIUAE2402142261822101932381692102122094209.40-121
5 MICHAEL MAKHKG1872352252001882562171751982062087208.70-128
6 HUSSAIN AL SUWAIDIUAE2382051862011842002142241932352080208.00-135
7 ROCKY HUIHKG2171881752152031652142132562162062206.20-153
8 ERIC TSENG HKG1692371821822172242041962462022059205.90-156
9 LEE TAK MANMAC1932342442261972001972261761552048204.80-167
10 ZOE DIAS MAMAC1911622011752171892671811942672044204.40-171
11 CHOI IO FAI MAC1801961702032131802251932302342024202.40-191
12 SITHIPHOL KUNAKSORNTHA1801692552222122152251752111582022202.20-193
13 JASSIM DARWISH KUW1922421872242011751981622032342018201.80-197
14 RAKAN AL AMIRIKUW2221811852141922231882132431552016201.60-199
15 ANNOP ARROMSARANON THA2152091762162212152021911562142015201.50-200
16 DAVID TSANG HKG1642231472222021862042352002232006200.60-209
17 SAYED AL HASHEMI UAE1721912222102172241981621892071992199.20-223
18 ALEXANDER TAN SIN1771762462432211722021901721901989198.90-226
 Top 18 makes cut for Stage II Finals
19 JOSHUA CHOWHKG1661861901691831932331932542211988198.80-227
20 SALEM AL HAJRAS KUW1992141711542182042112131802221986198.60-229
21 BASEL AL ANZI KUW1551462231942121882052591782131973197.30-242
22 LEO TSE HKG2091781882051831671661922412351964196.40-251
23 MUHD DANIEL ZHENG YESIN2331902161982111781751622241661953195.30-262
24 ASHLEY HUI HKG2212151871771722011951902111551924192.40-291
25 HUI CHEUK HO, HENRYHKG2311791812162091781961681721851915191.50-300
26 PAENG NEPOMUCENOPHI1831942021991791811751802371741904190.40-311
27 WEN WAI NOK MARTINHKG2151752372111651801921711651831894189.40-321
28 LAU KWUN HOHKG2181311941621562031752241931801836183.60-379
29 SIN CHUN TINGHKG2081531921771571772221391651681758175.80-457
30 FUNG CHUN PONGHKG1481541941892242241351391411461694169.40-521
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