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39th Philippine International Open Frame-by-frame: Match 1 | Match 2 | Match 3
Men's Open Stepladder Finals
Rnk  Bowler  Country/Sponsor M1 M2 M3 Pos
1  CHESTER KING  TBAM-Prima-RP     210 Champ
2  ZAID IZLAN  Malaysia-MTBC   192   3rd
3  JOONEE GATCHALIAN  MTBA   194 198 2nd
   CHA JI HYUN  Korea-Uiwang   187   4th
4  JOMAR JUMAPAO  BTA-Prima 157     5th
5  CHA JI HYUN  Korea-Uiwang 204     Advance
6  JEFF CARABEO  BALP-Western Guaranty 185     6th
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