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We provide tenpin bowling results in Asia. Many of these results are provided to us by the championship organisers or the member federations of our association. Some of these results can be viewed via a link to the results providers' website. Previous years' results are also featured.

Tournaments Title
Logos  Tournaments Results
12th Milo All Stars  12th MILO International Junior All-Stars & The Masters
 Sunway Mega Lanes, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 December 8 - 18, 2011
Final Results:
18th Dec.
Arab Games 2011  Arab Games 2011
 Qatar International Bowling Centre, Doha, Qatar
 December 10 - 15, 2011
Final Results:
15th Dec.
47th AMF World Cup  47th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup
 Let's Go Bowling, Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa
 November 30 - December 8, 2011
Final Results:
8th Dec.
11th Qatar Bowling Open  11th Qatar Bowling Open 2011
 Qatar International Bowling Centre, Doha, Qatar
 November 23 - 29, 2011
Final Results:
29th Nov.
26th SEA Games  26th SEA Games Tenpin Bowling Championships
 Jaya Ancol Bowling Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia
 November 12 - 20, 2011
Final Results:
20th Nov.
AMF Australian Masters 2011  AMF Australian Masters 2011
 AMF Bowling Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney, Australia
 October 10 - 22, 2011
Final Results:
22nd Oct.
25th Asian Intercity  25th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
 Orchid Bowl @ Orchid Country Club, Singapore
 October 12 - 17, 2011
Final Results:
18th Oct.
World Bowling Tour Thailand  PTT World Bowling Tour Thailand 2011
 Blu-O Paragon Bowling Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
 September 24 - 30, 2011
Final Results:
30th Sep.
Archive Results Title
 Results of tournaments held this year are archived here. To find out, please click on the links.
 Month  Dates  Tournaments
 January '11  1 - 9  Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2011, Helsinki, Finland
 January  14 - 24  21st Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships, Abu Dhabi, UAE
 February  7 - 13  2011 USBC Masters, Reno, Nevada, USA
 February  13 - 19  8th Euro-med Storm International Masters Challenge, Manila
 February  19 - 26  V Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championship, K.Lumpur, Malaysia
 February  11 - 26  2nd Dubai International Open Bowling Tournament, Dubai, UAE
 February  27  ABF Tour - UAE 2011, UAE, Dubai, UAE
 Feb/Mar  28 - 6  H.H. Emir Cup 2011, Doha, Qatar
 Mar  4 - 13  Brunswick Euro Challenge 2011, Saint Maximin, France
 March  16 - 17  ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions 2010, Kuwait
 March  18 - 22  8th Kuwait International Open, Kuwait
 March  23  ABF Tour - Kuwait 2011, Kuwait
 March  24 - 30  5th Kingdom International Open Bowling Tournament, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
 March  31  ABF Tour - Saudi 2011, Riyadh, Saubi Arabia
 April  6 - 17  37th MWA Thailand International Open, Bangkok
 April  18  ABF Tour - Thailand 2011, Bangkok
 May  6 - 12  Arafura Games 2011, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
 May  20 - 28  34th Canon Malaysian International Open, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 May/Jun  24 - 4  44th Singapore International Open, Singapore
 June  8 - 14  25th East Asian Pacific Tenpin Bowling Championship, Andong-Si, Korea
 June  12 - 19  5th Singapore Sports School-Opulent Int'l Bowling Championships, Singapore
 Jun/Jul  23 - 2  Macau China International Open 2011, Macau, China
 July  3  ABF Tour - Macau 2011, Macau, China
 July  4 - 11  13th Asian Schools Tenpin Bowling Championships, Bangkok, Thailand
 July  9 - 17  37th Hong Kong International Open, Hong Kong, China
 July  18  ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2011, Hong Kong, China
 July  15 - 25  9th Indonesia International Open, Jakarta, Indonesia
 July  26  ABF Tour - Indonesia 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia
 August  8 - 26  It's Daejeon International Open Bowling Tournament, Daejeon, Korea
 August  27 - 31  14th PBAP Bevida-Storm International Classic, Manila, Philippines
 September  1 - 11  World Women Championships 2011, Hong Kong, China
 September  9  WTBA Presidium Meeting, Hong Kong
 September  10  FIQ Presidium Meeting, Hong Kong
 September  12  WTBA Congress Meeting, Hong Kong
 September  13  FIQ Congress Meeting, Hong Kong
 September  14  WTBA Congress Meeting, Hong Kong
 September  18 - 23  13th DSD Samho Korea Cup International Open Bowling Tournament, Busan, Korea
 September  23 - 30  7th GCC Youth Championships, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
 September  24 - 30  PTT World Bowling Tour Thailand 2011, Bangkok, Thailand
 October  12 - 17  25th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship, Singapore
 October  10 - 22  AMF Australian Masters 2011, Sydney, Australia
 November  12 - 20  26th SEA Games 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia
 November  23 - 29  11th Qatar Bowling Open 2011, Doha, Qatar
 Nov/Dec  30 - 8  47th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, Johannesburg, South Africa
 Dec  10 - 15  Arab Games 2011, Doha, Qatar
 December  8 - 17  12th MILO International Junior All-Stars, P.Jaya, Malaysia
 December  18  MILO International Masters, P.Jaya, Malaysia
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 Sanctioned by ABF
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12th MILO All-Stars
18th Dec: Malaysian wonder boy triumphs. Full story...
Arab Games 2011
15th Dec: Qatari captures Masters gold. Full story...
47th AMF World Cup
7th Dec: Dominican, Aussie crowned champs. Full story...
11th Qatar Open
29th Nov: Second title in Qatar. Full story...
26th SEA Games
20th Nov: Malaysia, Singapore shares glory. Full story...
AMF Australian Masters
22nd Oct: Wu, Pluhowsky wins Masters titles. Full story...
PTT World Tour 2011
30th Sep: Aussie shoots 300 to win title. Full story...
7th GCC Youth C'ships
30th Sep: Saudi captures Masters gold. Full story...
DSD Samho Korea Cup
23rd Sep: Narrow victory for fourth seed. Full story...
World Women C'ships
11th Sep: American wins fourth gold. Full story...
Korean Daejeon Open
26th Aug: Korean star topples top seed. Full story...
ABF Tour Indonesia
26th Jul: First home title for Indonesian. Full story...
9th Indonesia Open
25th Jul: First for Singapore, second for Thai. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong
18th Jul: Champions claim maiden tour title. Full story...
37th Hong Kong Open
17th Jul: Second Asian title for American. Full story...
13th Asian Schools
11th Jul: Kuwait, Korea shares glory. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau 2011
3rd Jul: Second home title for Macau. Full story...
Macau China Open 2011
2nd Jul: Thai ends drought with victory. Full story...
5th SSS-Opulent Int'l
19th Jun: Sports School youth captures title Full story...
25th East Asian Pacific
14th Jun: Korea ends with Masters double. Full story...
44th Singapore Open
4th Jun: Emirati wins title for second time. Full story...
ABF Tour Thailand 2011
18th Apr: Thailand celebrates second double. Full story...
37th MWA Thailand Open
17th Apr: Double maiden victory for Koreans. Full story...
ABF Tour Saudi 2011
31st Mar: First tour title for Saudi. Full story...
5th Saudi Open 2011
30th Mar: Defending champion retains title. Full story...
ABF Tour Kuwait 2011
23rd Mar: Aussie claims second leg title. Full story...
8th Kuwait Open 2011
22nd Mar: American claims maiden title. Full story...
ABF Tour TOC 2010
17th Mar: Narrow victories for champions. Full story...
Euro Challenge 2011
13th Mar: World champion wins first EBT title. Full story...
H.H. Emir Cup 2011
6th Mar: Convincing victory for Barrett. Full story...
ABF Tour UAE 2011
27th Feb: Asian champ wins season opener. Full story...
2nd Dubai Open
26th Feb: Big home win for Emirati. Full story...
V Commonwealth C'ship
26th Feb: Singapore wins third gold. Full story...
8th Euro-Med Storm
19th Feb: American PBA pro wins title. Full story...
2011 USBC Masters
13th Feb: American wins first career title. Full story...
21st Asian Championship
23rd Jan: Kuwait, Korea shares glory. Full story...
Ballmaster Open 2011
9th Jan: Champ successfully defends title. Full story...
10th Qatar Bowling Open
19th Dec: Second Asian title for Englishman. Full story...
2nd All Stars Classic
19th Dec: Malaysian clinches classic title. Full story...
11th Junior All Stars
17th Dec: First double victory for Malaysia. Full story...
11th C.Taipei Open
5th Dec: Double victory for Taiwan. Full story...
16th Asian Games
24th Nov: Korea adds two more gold. Full story...
46th AMF World Cup
23rd Oct: Champions upstage top seeds. Full story...
10th GCC Championship
8th Oct: Kuwait ends championship with victory. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong
19th Sep: Victories for tour debutants. Full story...
36th Hong Kong Open
18th Sep: Malaysian women dominate. Full story...
World Men's C'ship 2010
21st Aug: USA dominates Masters finals. Full story...
World Youth C'ship 2010
3st Aug: Korea sweeps Masters titles. Full story...
ABF Tour Indonesia
18th Jul: Narrow victories for Aussie, Hong Kong lass. Full story...
8th Indonesia Open
17th Jul: Victories to top seeds. Full story...
12th Asian Schools
11th Jul: Thai denies Japan double victory. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau
4th Jul: Macau denies Hong Kong a double. Full story...
2nd Macau Open
3rd Jul: Southpaws triumph in finals. Full story...
13th PBAP Classic
25th Jun: Maiden title for Malaysian. Full story...