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We provide tenpin bowling news in Asia. Many of these news are provided to us by the championship organisers or the ABF member federations. Some of these news can be viewed via a link to the organisers' websites.

46th Penang Pesta International Bowling Championships
Indonesian retains Masters title
Double joy for Penang
Korean youth wins Round One
Malaysian shoots 300 for lead
National youths bag Youth Open titles
Indonesian poised to retain title
Malaysian youth sets qualifying pace
World Bowling News
World Bowling releases Bulletins 1 and 2 for World Junior Championships
19th MILO Storm U22 International All-Stars
Korean captures "the Masters" crown
Impressive effort by Indonesian
Malaysia, Singapore captures Youth Open titles
Australian leads "the Masters" qualifying
2018 CGSE • Million Tinkle World Men Championships
Canadian defies all odds to win Masters gold
Sensational win for Italy
Eight advances to Round 2 finals
USA wins gold at third attempt
Team USA wins 5-player Team preliminaries
Malaysia bags second gold medal
Malaysia wins first-ever Singles gold
Germany leads 5-Player opening squad
Korean trio advances as topseed
Korea tops Squad 3 for fifth overall
Sweden takes over lead
Indonesian trio leads opening squad
Korea clinches Semi-finals spot
American duo regains lead for Team USA
Malaysian pair takes over lead
Team USA tops Doubles opening squad
A one-two finish for American pros
Canadian squeezes into top four
American two-hander tops second squad
Perfect start for American pro
Glamorous ceremony marks opening
Fourty-seven countries for world championships
World Bowling News
World Bowling Coaching Conference gets underway
World Bowling releases Bulletin 4 & 5
19th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships
Singapore sweeps Masters gold medals
Singaporean tops first block by a huge margin
Hong Kong youth leads first block
Team gold to Japan and Singapore B
Japan, Chinese Taipei leads first block
Hong Kong, Singapore captures Doubles gold
Singapore stamps their mark in Doubles
Japan, Singapore wins Singles gold
Japanese, Singaporean leads opening squad
Teams parade at opening ceremony
Chinese Taipei hosts first-ever Asian School
2018 PBA-WBT World Bowling Tour Thailand
American topseed wins second WBT title
Top eight set for TV Shootout
Round 3 victory for Malaysian
American PBA pro wins Round 2
Quartet makes top bracket
Malaysian takes over top spot
American two-hander takes early lead
28th East Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships
Hong Kong and Korea capture Masters gold
Eight advance to quarter-finals
Korea sweeps Team gold medals
China, Korea leads Team first block
China, Chinese Taipei wins Trios gold
Chinese Taipei snatches top spot
Chinese Taipei secures top spot
China A takes surprise lead
Chinese Taipei snatches first block lead
Korea, China A shares glory
Korea 2 leads Men's Doubles
China A tops Women's Doubles
Hong Kong, Korea wins Singles gold
Another superb showing by Hong Kong
Hong Kong off to a great start
East Asian Championship kicks off
World Bowling News
2018 WB Coaching Conference open for registration
TTBA releases Oiling Pattern for PBA-WBT World Bowling Tour Thailand
HKTBC releases Bulletin 3 for World Men Championships
18th Asian Games Palembang 2018
Malaysia, Japan ends Korea's Masters stronghold
Japanese takes surprise lead
Korean tops Masters first block
Three-in-a-row for Korea
Korea grabs first block lead
Korea wins Team gold
Korea holds slender lead
Japanese trio retains title
Japanese trio takes first block lead
Malaysia strikes first gold
Malaysian women off to a great start
Asia's biggest stage set for battle
ABF News
CTBA releases Oiling Pattern for 19th Asian School Championships
U22 4th Fukuoka Summer Cup 2018
Korean captures U22 Fukuoka Summer Cup
ABF News
JBC releases Bulletin 1 for 15th Asian Seniors Championships
CTBA releases Bulletin 1 for 19th Asian School Championships
ABAS releases Bulletin 2 for 32nd Asian Intercity Championships
World Bowling News
World Bowling updated the WB Statues and Playing Rules
ABF Tour - Chinese Taipei 2018
Macau and Chinese Taipei win final leg
18th Kaohsiung International Open
Topseeds triumphs in Kaohsiung
Hong Kong national wins Round 1
Taiwanese ladies rule Round 1
Macau national ends qualifying in the lead
Singaporean retains Youth Masters crown
Second Thai takes over lead
Thai takes early lead
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2018
Indonesian captures tenth tour title
44th Hong Kong International Open
Sixth for Hong Kong, first for Thai
Indian, Thai wins Stage 1 finals
Lead changes atop the leaderboard
Indonesian, Thai makes top bracket
Macau and Hong Kong sets early pace
Soft opening kicks off championships
ABF Tour - Macau 2018
Maiden victory for Korean and Malaysian
2018 Macao-China International Open
Topseeds crowned Open Masters champions
Korea sweeps Graded Masters titles
Thai snatches Women's Open Round 1 victory
Japanese wins Men's Open Round 1
Hong Kong national takes over lead
Korean extends lead
Maiden victory for Guam youth
Korean men rule the lanes
Malaysian, Korean leads qualifying
ABF News
HKTBC releases Oiling Patter for 44th Hong Kong Open
World Bowling News
South Point Bowling Plaza to host three World Championships
ABF News
Macau releases Oiling Pattern for 2018 Macao-China Open
Indonesia releases Oiling Patterns for 18th Asian Games Palembang
SBF releases Oiling Pattern for 50th Singapore Open
2018 PBA-WBT Busan Cup International
Thai bags first PBA title
American PBA pro takes pole position
Korean women pro snatches topseed
Korean women dominate Squad C
Indonesian tops Squad D
Korean pros take top 2 spots
PBA pro rules Squad B
Korean amateur clinches win
Korean women pro takes over lead
American PBA pro wins Squad B
Korean pro takes opening squad
2018 PBA-WBT Busan Cup gets underway
World Bowling News
HKTBC releases Bulletin 2 for World Men Championships
Bulletin 2 and 3 released for World Youth Championships 2018
PBF 2nd Philippine International Open
Aussie, Filipina claims Open Masters titles
Hong Kong national wins Men's Round 1
Filipinas dominate Ladies' Round 1 finals
Filipinos sweep Graded Masters titles
Filipina extends lead in Ladies' table
Philippine, Malaysia bags youth titles
Singapore veteran clinches Senior title
Aussie moves into top spot
Emirati takes lead in overseas pool
Filipino poised to defend title
POC throws full support to PBF
Jaya Ancol Singles Bowling Championships 2018
Thai captures Open Masters title
Veteran clinches Classified Masters crown
Selangor youth claims Masters title
Malaysian wins qualifying rounds
Sarawakian retains lead after Block 2
Indonesian veteran takes Squad C
Left-handers rule Squad B
Sarawakian tops opening squad
World Bowling News
HKTBC releases Bulletin 1 for World Men Championships
Birmingham, USA to host World Games 2021
ABF Tour - Thailand 2018
Chinese Taipei celebrates rare double
44th MWA-Singha Thailand International Open
Topseeds crowned champions
Malaysian, Taiwanese wins Round 2
Korean, Malaysian tops qualifying
Korean retains pole position
Left-handers shine in Squad C
Korean, Indonesian tops Squad D
Taiwanese takes over lead
Malaysia rules first block opening squad
Another dominating performance by Korea
Second double title for Korea
Korea wins two youth titles
Malaysia dominates Youth Under-15 finals
World Bowling News
World Cup returns to Las Vegas for third time
ABF News
Yancheng releases Bulletin 1 for 28th East Asian Championhsips
ABAS releases Oiling Pattern for Sarawak International Open 2018
PBF releases Oiling Pattern for PBF 2nd Philippine International Open
TTBA releases Oiling Pattern for 44th MWA-Singha Thailand International Open
ABF News
ABAS releases Bulletin 1 for 32nd Asian Intercity Championships
World Bowling News
World Bowling releases Bulletin 1 for World Youth Championships 2018
 More News
46th Penang Pesta
15th Dec: Indonesian retains Masters title. Full story...
19th MILO All-Stars
9th Dec: Korean captures "the Masters" crown. Full story...
2018 World Men C'ships
5th Dec: Canadian defies all odds to win Masters gold. Full story...
19th Asian School
8th Oct: Singapore sweeps Masters gold medals. Full story...
2018 PBA-WBT Thailand
28th Sep: American topseed wins second WBT title. Full story...
28th East Asian C'ships
21st Sep: Hong Kong and Korea capture Masters gold. Full story...
18th Asian Games
27th Aug: Malaysia, Japan ends Korea's Masters stronghold. Full story...
ABF Tour Chinese Taipei
8th Jul: Macau and Chinese Taipei win final leg. Full story...
18th Kaohsiung Open
7th Jul: Topseeds triumphs in Kaohsiung. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong
1st Jul: Indonesian captures tenth tour title. Full story...
44th Hong Kong Open
30th Jun: Sixth for Hong Kong, first for Thai. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau
24th Jun: Maiden victory for Korean and Malaysian. Full story...
2018 Macao-China Open
23rd Jun: Topseeds crowned Open Masters champions. Full story...
PBA-WBT Busan Cup
26th May: Thai bags first PBA title. Full story...
PBF 2nd Philippine Open
13th May: Aussie, Filipina claims Open Masters titles. Full story...
Jaya Ancol Singles
5th May: Thai captures Open Masters title. Full story...
ABF Tour Thailand
15th Apr: Chinese Taipei celebrates rare double. Full story...
44th Thailand Open
14th Apr: Topseeds crowned champions. Full story...
45th Penang Pesta
16th Dec: Indonesian wins Open Masters title. Full story...
18th Junior All-Stars
10th Dec: Malaysian youth captures the Masters crown. Full story...
2017 World C'ships
4th Dec: Korean successfully defends title, Canadian triumphs. Full story...
18th Asian School
17th Nov: Malaysia sweeps Masters gold medals. Full story...
31st Asian Intercity
12th Nov: Yancheng sweeps Masters gold medals. Full story...
19th Asian Youth
28th Oct: Korea sweeps Masters gold medals. Full story...
PBA-WBT Thailand '17
6th Oct: Historical victory for Thai. Full story...
5th Asian Indoor Games
27th Sep: Chinese Taipei, Korea wins Team gold. Full story...
Sarawak Open 2017
9th Sep: National bowler wins open title. Full story...
29th SEA Games
25th Aug: Malaysia ends games with two gold medals. Full story...
ABF Tour Hong Kong
16th Jul: Double Joy for Saudi, Indonesian. Full story...
43rd Hong Kong Open
15th Jul: Victory for Saudi and Indonesian. Full story...
ABF Tour C.Taipei
9th Jul: Maiden tour title for Thai and Kiwi. Full story...
17th Kaohsiung Open
8th Jul: Clean sweep of titles for Chinese Taipei. Full story...
ABF Tour Macau
25th Jun: Victory for Indonesian and Malaysian . Full story...
2017 Macau China Open
24th Jun: Double victory for Malaysian topseeds. Full story...
2017 Philippine Open
26th May: Philippines, Singapore shares glory. Full story...
17th Asian School
6th May: Kuwaiti, Taiwanese captures Masters gold. Full story...
ABF Tour Thailand
16th Apr: Fifth for Hong Kong, first for Malaysian. Full story...
43rd Thailand Open
15th Apr: Malaysian, Singaporean crowned champions. Full story...
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